Virus protection for your mobile phone

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You can protect your mobile phone from a virus attack. Smart phones and mobile phones are very sensitive to virus attacks. Hackers, spyware distributors, malware distributors and even companies offering antivirus inject virus to smart phones for various reasons.

The viruses can trace and transfer the most personal and sensitive data to unauthorized people who can misuse your personal information. It is important to protect your mobile phone from virus attacks. The virus can also attack the flash software for which you will need a flash fix immediately. A flash file can be erased or software can crash due to a virus. Go for a perfect flash fix to resolve the problem.

Mobile phone Antivirus

There is a wide range of paid and free antivirus/spyware protection software and different applications available on Google play for mobile phones.

Why you need virus protection in mobile phones?

A smart phone or mobile phone virus is quite similar to the virus that attacks a computer.  A virus for cell phones is programmed to target only cell phones and is spread by different means. The virus can transmit your personal information to unauthorized people and can also damage or erase important data from your cell phone.

How does the Virus Get Spread in Mobile phones?

Common ways are

  1. Internet
  2. Bluetooth
  3. MMC Card

How to protect our mobile phone from virus attacks?

  1. Keep your Bluetooth switched off. Switch it ON only when you need it. You can keep your cell phone in hidden mode and make it visible to authorized people only.
  2. If you receive a file sent via Bluetooth by an unknown source, make sure you do not open it as it can be a virus.
  3. Download content only from trusted sites.
  4. Most popular brands of cell phones flash a warning message for virus threat. Do not ignore these messages.
  5. Make sure you install a good antivirus application or software in your cell phone.
  6. Browse only trusted sites while using the internet.


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